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Cyber AwarenessDigital Processes 

is the most relevant present task in digitalization business processes, if to achieve future economical competitivity  with highest reliability, security and safety. 


Digitalization opens new doors as traditional production submits a variety of innovative materials and recycling modi due to a nearly infinite number of changes while also services and customer requirements follow a fast changes and enlarged spectrum of expectations.

Work flows are to be explained, modeled and adapted from their functional status quo and traditional evolution. Operators' attention should be put thereto by training and appropriate means. 

e - Health

Networks help to install innovative diagnostics, therapy and concepts of care in medicine and care. Realisation can be facilitated by e-health.

Parallel less known high risk criteria are to be controlled and the awareness of those is priority of communication to all subsystems. 

Social Engineering

With growing importance interfaces with assurance and banking deploy a comprehensive  platform of internal security aspects and external combinations for operators'  and customers' cyber awareness.

Nowerdays this is shown most by unconsciousness or lower priorization of CyberAwareness, Safety and Security aspects beside principal or sustainable structures, transparence, traceability, validation and verification.