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Safety, Security and Risk Management

Causality analyses is a precondition of error reduction. Causalities fund in techniques, preparation, education, materialdeffects, medicine and even more…

Early Risk Cognition and Prevention are of eminent importance in the fields where safety and security – aspects have to be considered:

Data security 


Functional Safety

Human Systems Integration 

Hygiene Management

Information Systems

 Desaster Prevention and Management



Risk Management, -prediction,-prevention

Social Engineering Awareness


Aerospace, Banking Customer Relation Management, Decision-Making, Energy, Immunology, Infrastructure, ICT, Intellectual Property Rights, Alimentation, Medicine, Mobility, Navigation Systemes, Post Conflict Management, Prevention, Safety and Security, Strategy, Telecommunications, Telemedicine, Traffic, Assurances, Supply, Administration, Water Management, Economy.  

EGLIPTik® consults and assistes also in Social Engineering Awareness and Risk Management.

Risk Management and Standardization prevent intuiton to become arbitrariness. By Modelig and simulation, empiric and statistical calculations, a phenomenum of prejudicative dilemma can be avoided.

Best Practices