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TIS Technical Inspection and Safety

- due to the fast and interdisciplinary connection by digitalization - is required far more today than only in research and industry,  but in many daily applications with difficile interdependences between Physics Chemistry, Material Sciences, IT/Software Design, Ergonomics, Electrochemical Methods, CAD/CAM/CIM/SPC, Technical Thermodynamics, Statistical Experimental Planning, Technical Control, Measuring, Physics Chemistry, Construction, Electrotechnics /Electronics, Verfahrenstechnik, Vacuumtechnics, Nuclear Physics, Solid Physics, , Numerical Mathematics, Technical  Mechanics, Technical Optics, High- and Deep temperatur Physics, Nano Physics, Semidonductors, Energy and Environment, Optoelectronics, Mikromechanics, Sensors... 

Fields of Application: 

Safety and Security, Automisation, Digital Payment, e-health, e-mobility, driving assistance, Research- and Development, Industrie X.0, Infection Protection, MedTech, Navigation, Production, Smart Manufacturing, Sports, Strahlenschutz, Environment...


Safety on work

Ground Support Equipment - Erfahrung ExpertiseBest Practices


Management of traffic interfaces and actors, Autonomous Daily Live, Integrative Work Processes, Individual Life Management, Logistics and Supply. 

Assisted Driving and Mobility

Assistance solutions can become a good addition of safety, security and comfort for  users, if special parameters, influencors are regarded. This can be achieve by model centered mapping of technical innovation and preparation of the customers individual optimization targets.

The prepared concept of consultancy is adressed to people needing assistance and also to producers of dringen and AAL products solutions. Erfahrung Expertise

Research- and Development

R&D costs can be controlled and limited by Life Cycle Management and Simulation through anticipative errorrecognition. The validation of alternatives by mapping and monitoring in R&D phasis minimizes intensity of ressources for configuration and implementation. Processes accelerate in verifcation and correspond in summa with the spezificaton of Functional Safety. Erfahrung ExpertiseBest Practices


Medicin and technology disiplay the interface life and high tech systems:  Human Factor in  Medtechn is of a huge variance:

Marketing, in planning

Project Management, in  production

Process Improvement, during test and application 

Value Management, during maintenance

Service Engineering  at interfaces between physician and patient


Navigation systems as well as  Geoinformation systems already modified our daily life, business, production, infrasstructure and other plannings of system relevance on national and international level.


 Quality and reliability of systems about safety and security depend much on elements and control tools of microprossessing and sensors: Erfahrung Expertise

Radiation Protection

A digitalized world exposes all life and things to different types of radiation. This happens by will, unconsciously or on demand. The differentiation of limits and conditions to be or may be respected, types of radiation to avoid under which parameters or admit as necessary whereas classification as harmful or harmless requires good Expertise and Best Practices.


Installation, Renovation, Repair, Enlargement:

- type of suitable technology fo the problem

- Systemgestaltung all over the life cycle

- Project management down to realization and installation

- implementation and maintenance

- Environmental Information Systems

- Energy & Effiziency

Best PracticesExpertise - Bio agriculture, Analytics settlement water quality, measrurements of waterlines.